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Narrating history through the arts

| Articles | July 22, 2015

There is so much to know about Philippine history, as well as Filipino culture and tradition. One of the most creative ways to pass these stories from one generation to another is through the arts. Recognizing and promoting artists who demonstrate our rich cultural heritage through their chosen craft, Tesoro’s, home of quality Filipino handicrafts, recently kicked off the event series “Disenyo at Talento.”

Tesoros Building with Store Window

“We are after new interpretations, innovative designs that acknowledge and define our Filipino-ness. Tesoro’s seeks to inspire all artisans, and we promise to champion their artistic efforts through publicity – hence the fruition of Disenyo At Talento,” pronounced Group CEO of Tesoro’s Maria Isabel “Beng” Tesoro during the launch held at their renovated branch along Arnaiz Avenue.

To formalize the start of the series, a ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by the Department of Tourism Regional Director Rebecca Labit, assisted by Philippine Tour Operators Association President of Cesar Cruz. Joining them were Ambassador Romy Manalo (ret.), Alice Tesoro-Guerrero, Beng Tesoro and Atty. Lulu Tesoro-Castañeda.

Ribbon Cutting

For the initial salvo, the store showcased Casa San Pablo Clay Storytellers, crafted by former corporate publishing executive-turned-clay artisan An Mercado Alcantara. Her creations mostly reflect the culture and the people of her husband’s birthplace, San Pablo City in Laguna.

An Alcantara and clay

“Clay is a very forgiving and charming material,” shared An. “It allows me to portray the history and culture of San Pablo City, or represent everyday life in a lighter way –– the kind of art that is uplifting and has that capacity to speak to the soul,” she added.
An’s favorite subjects include the Virgin Mary in several incarnations. She surrounds these main subjects with storytellers and tablets featuring festive processions and villagers.

From Casa San Pablo, Laguna, Tesoro’s now offers the Clay Storyteller Dolls in all its branches nationwide. Part of the total sales will be donated to the care of abandoned and abused children under the San Francisco Terraces Orphanage. With this, Beng Tesoro shared, “Part of keeping our heritage always refreshed, enriched and renewed is our commitment to constantly uplift and promote the changing Filipino identity. We hope that through ‘Disenyo at Talento’ we can give inspiring local artisans the exposure and support they need so that Filipino culture and heritage will continue to grow and evolve.”

Ambassador Romy Manalo, a native of Casa San Pablo, discussed the current situation of San Francisco Terraces Orphanage

Ambassador Romy Manalo, a native of Casa San Pablo, discussed the current situation of San Francisco Terraces Orphanage

Aside from the Arnaiz Avenue branch in Makati, Tesoro’s has outlets at the following locations: A. Mabini Street in Manila; the Filipiniana section of The Landmark branches in Makati; Bungalow at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Mactan Island, Cebu; Golden Bamboo in D’Mall, Boracay, Aklan; NAIA Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Pre-departure Areas; and the pre-departure areas of the Clark and Boracay International Airports. For more details about the event, contact the Arnaiz Avenue branch in Makati at 887-6285 and 887-6997, email, or visit Like Tesoro’s official Facebook page at

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Why we matter

| Articles | July 25, 2014

Explore Tesoros

Tesoro’s is not just any store. We are an essential part of the cultural landscape of the Philippines: Because we support, sustain our heritage; Because we keep relevant and continue to innovate on our crafts; Because we source our handmade products locally we provide livelihood directly to hundreds of small entrepreneurs and indirectly provide income for thousands of families in urban centers and rural areas throughout the Philippines all these years; Because we have been marketing for decades (3/4 of a century!) Philippine products both here and abroad. Through Tesoro’s stores locals see the showcase and feel pride for their own artistic and creative heritage and visitors worldwide come to admire our country’s cultural achievements.

Through Tesoro’s efforts, its continued retail presence, we have helped in the evolution of our nation’s identity, our sense of nationhood for in our stores are the products of our people – Tesoro’s has helped preserve our indigenous art-forms, as we learned new skills from our colonizers and made it our own – at Tesoro’s we showcase these crafts of embroidery, fiber and woodworks, in our stores are the images that resonate with “Filipino-ness.”

Our mission is to bring out the best that the Filipino can do.

Our vision is to make known and recognizable anywhere in the world the wealth of Filipino craft and culture.

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Visit us

| Articles | January 7, 2014

For a complete collection, visit our main branches at

Ermita, Manila: 1325 A. Mabini Street 522-1580

Makati: 1016 A. Arnaiz Avenue 887-6285, 887-6997


For convenient shopping, visit us at Landmark:

The LANDMARK in Makati and Quezon city


For your last minute gift requirment, visit our branches at :

NAIA Terminal 1
NAIA Terminal 3
MACTAN-CEBU International



Makati Area: 887-6285 / 887-6997
Manila Area: 522-1580

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| Articles | July 25, 2013

Founded in 1945, TESORO’S continues to serve both Filipinos and tourists alike who appreciate authentic quality Philippine handicrafts. In its 12 retail outlets all over the archipelago one will find at affordable prices and accompanied by expert service a wide assortment of tableware, giftware, embroideries, shellcraft, heritage craft, and local apparel.

Founded by Atty. Nestor and Salud S. Tesoro after the liberation of Manila, the 3rd generation of Tesoro progeny maintain the original values TESORO’S was founded on: to purvey only the best of the Philippines. Thus in every piece you will enjoy a treasure from our islands, whether it be a simple souvenir token from our airport branches or an exquisite fully embroidered shawl made of pure pina fiber such as what is given to visiting heads of state.

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Tesoro’s Philippine Handicrafts kicks off year-long celebration

| Articles | February 6, 2013


Tesoro’s Philippine Handicrafts kicks off year-long celebration

With Celebration of the Birth Centennial of Salud S. Tesoro


Providing quality Philippine handicrafts since 1945 and hailed as the authentic brand for the best in native products, Tesoro’s takes on 2015 beginning with the celebration of the birth centenary of its late co-founder, the much admired Salud Tesoro on Friday, February 6.

Her birth centennial kicks off a year-long program that will culminate with the Celebration of Tesoro’s 70th year in business come October. The activities will highlight how Tesoro’s continue to reflect the timeless virtues of Salud S. Tesoro: to combine industry with passion, honesty with integrity, leadership with innovation – all presented with the exemplary service that earned her the sobriquet, “The Mother of Philippine Handicrafts.”

Tesoro’s continues to develop new designs and concepts while maintaining our core collection of heritage crafts, giving us an identity distinct from typical handicraft stores.” says Maria Isabel “Beng” Tesoro, youngest daughter of the prolific founder and Group CEO of Tesoro’s. “We remain connected with our loyal customers while we reach out to new ones. We support hundreds of employees and thousands of key suppliers so we can provide world-class Filipino products along with our attentive staff for a pleasurable shopping experience.” added Beng who, with eldest sister Alice Tesoro-Guerrero, Chairman of Tesoro’s, and their nine surviving siblings have steadfastly backed the business founded by their parents. It remains a strong enterprise that blends the best qualities of a professionally-run corporation with the patience and long-term view of a family business.

A woman of guts, genius, and determination

Tesoro’s emerged in 1945 from the ashes of the liberation that ended World War II. In the fluid reconstruction environment, Sally convinced her husband, Nestor Tesoro to leave his job as a Bureau of Immigration lawyer and join her “Sally’s Gift Shop” in the erstwhile central commercial street of Escolta in Manila. They renamed the business “TESORO’S,” which appropriately means “Treasure” in Spanish. It was then that Sally dreamed up the “All-under-one-roof” idea, gathering in her store all the quality local crafts for which she had scoured the country. In time, the couple’s reliability, honesty, and fair dealings won them many regular clients, and the store became a mandatory stop for tourists and visiting VIP’s in the ensuing decades. Their reputation for personalized service and consistent quality made TESORO’s the destination for gift-shopping for Philippine craft and apparel, especially Barongs.

Salud S. Tesoro received many awards in recognition of her leadership. Among these were the Presidential Award of Merit conferred by President Marcos, the Management Association of the Philippines Award for Excellence, the Agora Award, and the Gear Award, among many others.

In 1973, Mr. Tesoro passed away, spelling the end of an unusually harmonious and compatible husband-and-wife business partnership. But Sally, or Doña Salud as society came to call her, soldiered on. She grew the business even more, expanding into exports and investing in real estate. All throughout, she supported her ten children and growing family of staff and suppliers. Through her indefatigable work ethic, she communicated the belief to all whose lives she touched that with perseverance and determination, one can succeed.

From its humble beginnings in Escolta, Tesoro’s today is a multi-million enterprise involved in multiple activities from retail merchandising of Philippine handicrafts to building and property management, an upshot of its successful diversification.

It has been a long road from Sally’s Bulacan beginnings in 1915. Technically orphaned at age six, Sally was prevailed upon to manage her uncle’s hat shop in Intramuros because of financial constraints due to the Great Depression of 1929. She had to give up her dream to be a High School Principal and work at the age of 14. Her transformation from that responsible teenager into an indomitable businesswoman will be published in a book on her life by the family and launched very soon.

The book, edited by Mary Grace Tirona, will feature photographs and unforgettable anecdotes, tracing the beginnings of Salud Tesoro and her story of guts, genius, and determination that led to her success.

Preserving culture, inspiring creativity at 70

In time for Salud’s birth centennial, the family renovated the TESORO flagship store on Arnaiz Avenue, Makati, which was built in 1995.

Commissioned to redesign the building façade were Mark Wilson and Nikki Escalona-Tayag of WE Design. They conceived the innovative building “skin” illustrating Tesoro’s instantly recognizable hand-embroidery, a first-of-its-kind in the country. The welcome canopy is fancifully lit by a multitude of iconic capiz-shell balls. The store interiors were done by Jose Lirio, creative consultant of the company. On display in the lobby are priceless cash registers from original Tesoro branches. The department lines are accompanied by educational and entertaining descriptions. The whole store is pervaded by classic and contemporary Filipino music and a soothing scent. The newly opened “Tommy’s Café” serves expert brews, drinks and snacks. Parking is easy and plentiful. This reinvigorated Tesoro’s provides a complete and pleasant shopping experience.

Key events leading to the October 70th anniversary milestone include the showcase of new and innovative ideas from young talent Tesoro’s has chosen to support. “This continues the legacy of my mother who supported our local craftsmen and designers from the very beginning,” adds Beng. To this day, Tesoro’s works with the 2nd, generation progeny of its suppliers maintaining a unique trans-generational commercial relationship founded on mutual trust and benefit. This long-term commitment is further evidence of Tesoro’s fair dealings and care for its fellow-Filipinos.

Tesoro’s already offers on-line shopping through its website for customers both here and abroad. Aside from its accessible locations in Manila, Makati, its airport stores provide last-minute shopping convenience for travelers.

Tesoro’s wide range of authentic Filipino merchandise include: Formal and everyday Filipiniana apparel, Barongs, Baptismal gowns, native costumes, exquisite embroidered table-linens, casual table-tops, classy evening bags, colorful summer totes & hats, real South-Sea Pearl jewelry, traditional and contemporary shell & wood products, home & desk accessories of coconut, capiz-shell & other native materials, unique souvenir items, genuine crafts from our indigenous minority-groups, artful local-imagery in hand-blown glass, metal-works, even Pinatubo-ash, and Filipiniana books on history, architecture, cuisine and culture.

Its commitment to staying local, supporting Filipino artisans as it sought and achieved steady growth through the years makes the story of Tesoro’s and its founder truly remarkable.

During this 100th birth anniversary celebration of the great Salud, we invite loyal customers and the next generation of Filipino consumers to visit TESORO’S: to patronize the products of our peoples at our stores for this is the home where the wealth of our nation, our cultural heritage is sustained and nourished.”

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TESORO’S Supports The Amazing Jeepney Race 2

| Articles | August 27, 2012


The Philippines-New Zealand Business Council (PNZBC) in cooperation with the New Zealand Embassy held THE AMAZING JEEPNEY RACE 2, last June 1, 2014 . Participants were members and families of the New Zealand community, expats based in Manila, and local partners with businesses/connections with New Zealand.

One of the Philippine Jeepneys used in the race

One of the Philippine Jeepneys used in the race

In the time-sensitive race, the 160 participants headed to 5 Pit stops in 16 authentic PHILIPPINE JEEPS to accomplish specific tasks.

At TESORO’S Makati, they had to wear native costumes and pose creatively in the window as the pictures below show. “TEAM SHEEPNEYS “won the “BEST WINDOW DISPLAY MANNEQUINS” at TESORO’S , while ‘TEAM CROWN WORLDWIDE” took the GRAND CHAMPION Trophy, followed by “TEAM MANILA PENINSULA” and “TEAM VALLE VERDE JEEPENATORS” that came in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Tesoro's choice 'Best Window Display Manequins' - Team Sheepneys

Tesoro’s choice ‘Best Window Display Manequins’ – Team Sheepneys

Led by New Zealand’s Ambassador to the Philippines Reuben Levermore, The Amazing Jeepney Race 2 aimed to raise funds for OperationRestore Hope, a non-profit organization composed of New Zealand doctors and medical volunteers who come to the Philippines to conduct free corrective surgery and provide medical needs for children born with cleft lip and palates.

NZ Ambassador Reuben Levermore at Tesoro’s Makati

NZ Ambassador Reuben Levermore at Tesoro’s Makati

Kid participants wearing Tesoro’s

Kid participants wearing Tesoro’s








Visit to learn more about Operation Restore Hope.