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Why we matter

| Articles | July 25, 2014

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Tesoro’s is not just any store. We are an essential part of the cultural landscape of the Philippines: Because we support, sustain our heritage; Because we keep relevant and continue to innovate on our crafts; Because we source our handmade products locally we provide livelihood directly to hundreds of small entrepreneurs and indirectly provide income for thousands of families in urban centers and rural areas throughout the Philippines all these years; Because we have been marketing for decades (3/4 of a century!) Philippine products both here and abroad. Through Tesoro’s stores locals see the showcase and feel pride for their own artistic and creative heritage and visitors worldwide come to admire our country’s cultural achievements.

Through Tesoro’s efforts, its continued retail presence, we have helped in the evolution of our nation’s identity, our sense of nationhood for in our stores are the products of our people – Tesoro’s has helped preserve our indigenous art-forms, as we learned new skills from our colonizers and made it our own – at Tesoro’s we showcase these crafts of embroidery, fiber and woodworks, in our stores are the images that resonate with “Filipino-ness.”

Our mission is to bring out the best that the Filipino can do.

Our vision is to make known and recognizable anywhere in the world the wealth of Filipino craft and culture.

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| Articles | July 25, 2013

Founded in 1945, TESORO’S continues to serve both Filipinos and tourists alike who appreciate authentic quality Philippine handicrafts. In its 12 retail outlets all over the archipelago one will find at affordable prices and accompanied by expert service a wide assortment of tableware, giftware, embroideries, shellcraft, heritage craft, and local apparel.

Founded by Atty. Nestor and Salud S. Tesoro after the liberation of Manila, the 3rd generation of Tesoro progeny maintain the original values TESORO’S was founded on: to purvey only the best of the Philippines. Thus in every piece you will enjoy a treasure from our islands, whether it be a simple souvenir token from our airport branches or an exquisite fully embroidered shawl made of pure pina fiber such as what is given to visiting heads of state.